Bringing the world's finest food to Australia's table

Our Services

Supermarket chains

Our longstanding relationships with the major supermarkets mean we have the capability to get your products in front of the right people and onto Australia’s supermarket shelves.

Wholesale to independents

We have been servicing an ever-growing list of independent retailers Australia-wide since 1965. Our reputation with large and small independents means we can take your products there too.

Logistics and warehousing

Team up with Elco Food and you tap into our national distribution network and dedicated in-house supply chain team – experts in procurement and logistics management, getting your products where they need to be.

Product development

Decades of product innovation and expertise, plus our inside knowledge of what the big supermarket chains are looking for, means we can help leverage and expand your brand with vertical and horizontal product development.

Brand management and marketing

From packaging design to promotional campaigns, if your brand is in need of a little help, Elco Food has the experience in brand management and marketing to take it to the next level and turn it into a true player.

About Us

Who we are

In 1965, the Kotis family began supplying European migrants with the Mediterranean foods they had grown to love in their homelands. As demand grew, Elco Food was established to satisfy this market and mainstream Australians who enjoyed these European delicacies.

Elco’s vision is to provide Australia with an unforgettable flavour experience by bringing to market exclusive, high quality local and imported food products.

What we do

We love food and we love retailing. We take undiscovered brands and guide them, building them into category leaders. We stimulate new product developments, create trade marketing and product promotions to drive sales and engage in mass marketing to create awareness and brand loyalty.


Growing one of Australia’s much-loved brands

Dodoni is a household name to any family that loves cheese, and it continues to grow under the guidance of Elco Food as we push for new product developments and integrated marketing campaigns to build both brand awareness and sales.

In the past year Dodoni had a 15% sales increase due to smart promotions and digital marketing. Elco Food has built Dodoni’s social media presence to over 25,000 followers across facebook and instagram and it continues to grow. With strong major retailer relationships Elco Food continues to present new products to Supermarket buyers.

Recently, Elco Food secured a new product, Dodoni Halloumi, into Coles nationally with promising results. Dodoni Halloumi is now the fourth most purchased halloumi in Australia and is closing in on becoming third.

Other endeavors currently underway include the creation of Dodoni Yogurt. Two SKUs were accepted into Coles and the product is due to hit shelves in late July. It’s a historical moment for both Dodoni and Elco Food as this is the first product to be made outside the EU by Dodoni.


Reinvigorating the brand with a growth exceeding all expectations

When Elco began working with Maffra Cheese back in 2010, Maffra was a small operation selling cheese to a handful of independents and weekend markets. Ferial Zekiman and the team at Maffra had mastered the art of cheese making but lacked the retail know-how and brand management capabilities to grow the brand.

Elco Food came on board to grow Maffra Cheese into a major National player. Together with The Brand Society we executed a packaging rebrand to jump off the supermarket shelves and created an aesthetic story behind the multi award-winning cheese. Elco Food was successful in ranging four key Maffra Cheese products into Coles Nationally and Woolworths in selected stores.

Sales increased by 200% after year one and the brand continues to grow. Elco Food is also helping Maffra with product development and recently created an array of 150g wax triangles that are now in the open case cheese section of Coles.

In conjunction with their digital partner Elco Food recently created a brand new website that further expands on the Maffra story and displays the total product offering. Both Elco Food and Maffra Cheese are now working on a social and digital strategy to grow the brand, drive conversation and increase purchase.